Teaching and living in Korea may have gone better for you than you originally thought and now you are seeking some new long-term opportunities.

Staying on the same E-2 visa may not be the best plan for you. Luckily, there is a visa program for foreigners known as the F27. In this article we cover how teachers can obtain this visa.

The F-2-7 visa program is based upon a points system. You need to obtain at least 80 points out of a possible 120 points. The majority of points awarded are based upon your age, education and Korean level. Follow the steps below to calculate your points.

Step 1 – Age and Education

Look at the charts and based on your age and qualifications you can calculate  your points. For example, let’s assume you are between 25-29 years old and you have an Bachelors of Arts degree. This would give you 23 points for age and 26 points for education.

Total so far 49/80 points


Step 2 – Korean Level

This is the most crucial and important part for gathering points. First determine what Korean language path you want to take. 

First, TOPIK which gives a max of 20 points for level 6.

Second, KIIP – Korean Integration Immigration Program 

This process gives you 28 points for completing all levels. 18 points for completing level 5 and then an extra 10 points if you complete the final exam. 

So let’s assume that you go with the maximum points and study the KIIP scheme achieving a further 28 points.

Total so far 77/80 points


As you can see, within this particular age range and having a Bachelors in Arts it is not possible to get the 80 points. However if you were to be slightly older (Aged 30-34 years old) and have a Masters degree then you could hit the 80 points.

If you can’t hit 80 with the Age and Education points, don’t worry there are ways to get additional points.

Extra Points System

Once you have decided on the Korean test, then you can see how to make up the extra 1-10 point through income, work experience, volunteering and study abroad experiences. 

Typically teachers will find extra points in the Annual income bracket and Work experience. If you are still missing some points you should look at study abroad experience and volunteering category. If you take an extra korean class at a university you can get 1 point. Volunteering is also available but it needs to be through a recognized government volunteering event that records your hours.

So, going back to our previous example, where the teacher needed 3 more points. If we assume that they work on an average teachers salary then they can get 2 points for being in the 20-30million won bracket.

Then, just 1 point is needed to get 80 in total. This could be obtained by either having studied abroad or by having at least 1 years experience working in a company.


To summarise how one can achieve 80 points from our example:

25 years old – 23 points

BA in Arts – 26 points

KIIP Completion – 28 points

20-30 million won salary – 2 points

1 years Professional experience – 1 point

Total  80/80 points


Getting an F-2-7 visa is very attainable once you have figured out what points you should focus on. The first thing you should start doing is to apply for either TOPIK or KIIP classes/test as that is the longest part of this process. Both have tests available to take every few months throughout the year.

TOPIK: www.topik.go.kr (Test)

KIIP: www.socinet.go.kr  (Class)  www.kiiptest.org (Test)

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: When you go to apply at the Immigration Center for the visa it is wise to try and be over 80 points as the Immigration Officers have been known to be strict and sometimes try knock down points.


Good Luck! And 화이팅!


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