An all-round excellent online TEFL course program, with helpful and constructuve support.

To start off, I didn’t really have a high opinion of taking any course online, but I didn’t have the funds for a 4-week residential certification course. And I didn’t really feel so comfortable spending 4 intense study weeks with strangers I’d just met. So I decided to bite the bullet and discovered that the tefl online pro international program is a favorite among TEFLers. I didn’t want to be a victim of an online scam, so I went with the tefl online program; basing my decision on their positive online reputation.

All my pre-course sign-up emails were answered promptly, as were all subsequent emails throughout the course and once I had landed my teaching job overseas here in Kampot, Cambodia.
tefl online pro were awesome in helping me sort the language school employment process wheat from the chaff. I landed in Siem Reap at the start of the year and (with advice given from the tefl online pro office) I decided to focus on Kampot.

Kampot is quite full of expats now, since the backpacker collapse of nearby Sihanoukville casino, but I still managed to find enough work to get me started. I LOVE Kampot!!!! 🙂

Without the job support from tefl online pro, I would have eventually found my niche here. But they just helped so much that I ended up saving a load of money and time which otherwise would have been spent on beating the sidewalks with CV in hand.
For the inclusive $199 (US) payment, the course and their international job support surely must be second to none.

This is a true 5 star TEFL online program.

No negatives I can think of right now, and I doubt I will in future.

If you require any further info from me then please feel free to let me know.

Tamara Newsome. Graduated tefl online pro: 24th September, 2019.