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Another smaller group used simply for posting jobs. Most likely will find same jobs posted in the other FB groups.

Pleco is a Chinese language learning app geared towards native speakers of English. You may look up words by keyboard(pinyin or zhuyin input), voice recognition, stroke order/radical, and writing by hand.

The official tourist site for Taiwan with all the latest information for tourists about events, city guides and attractions.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://eng.taiwan.net.tw/

An easy-to-use app which allows users to view maps, timetables and fares for the Taipei metro.

Pleco is a Chinese language learning app geared towards native speakers of English. You may look up words by keyboard(pinyin or zhuyin input), voice recognition, stroke order/radical, and writing by hand.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://www.pleco.com/

Brooke lived and taught in Taiwan for 1 year through the Fullbright program and you can read about her experiences in her personal blog.

"I’m an early 40’s guy who’s an investor, has some entrepreneurial experience, real estate investment experience, loves world travel, food, and computers. After finishing up at my latest contract office job, I moved to Taiwan to pursue a life with more freedom."

"This group is designed for people in Taiwan who need more information about upcoming parties, those who plan to throw a party, or those who want to join a party and have a good time."

"Anyone is welcome to join our group. We have 2-3 events every week, please take a look first. https://www.facebook.com/groups/138436439550205/events/"

"An open and transparent platform offering short and long term apartment rentals in Taipei. In addition, if you are seeking for a professional to assist you there are also qualified expat rental agencies that can provide valuable information and insight to help find your ideal apartment smoothly."

"This is an ENGLISH speaking community for buying, selling and trading personal items in Taiwan."

"Expat Jobs Taiwanted is the go-to group for foreign professionals in Taiwan seeking opportunities, and for employers seeking foreign talent. " The usual daily posts for teaching jobs with little user interaction in this group.

'Promoting a healthy living environment for foreigners in Taiwan. There are a number of legal issues affecting foreigners in Taiwan. This group provides a platform for discussing these issues. We will also provide updates of recent developments."

"Foreigners society in Taiwan is a group where we can give advise, make friends to combat loneliness, share things we may be interested in (e.g. restaurants) discuss cultural differences in Taiwan and share any information we think other foreigners should know."

The official site for the train services throughout Taiwan. Book train tickets online here.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://www.thsrc.com.tw/index_en.html

"Taiwan Everything is a guide to traveling and living in Taiwan. Our aim is to give you a good idea about what amazing Taiwan is like. We travel around the main island and the numerous offshore islands a lot, visiting surprisingly scenic places, meeting wonderful warm-hearted people, and engaging in many exciting activities."

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://taiwaneverything.cc/

"We publish stories introducing readers to the culture, scenery and travel possibilities of our homeland, articles to help travelers make the most of their time in Taiwan."

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://taiwan-scene.com/

"I'm an American expatriate living in Taiwan. I fell in love with Taiwan and want to share this beautiful island with everyone. Join me as I document my travels to some of the Taiwan’s most beautiful destinations. Through sharing my thoughts, photographs and experiences, I hope to inspire you to come explore this beautiful island."

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://taiwanforeigner.com/

This is the official tourist site for Taipei with information about attractions, events, restaurants etc.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://www.travel.taipei/en

This app lets you track the public transport buses in real time and also users can find the public bikes too.

This site has a comprehensive list of the International schools in and around Taipei. These schools are reviewed and verified.

Another large corporate education institute with partnerships with large English language education companies from the US. This education group has academies for kindergarten and elementary aged students across Taiwan. Apply via the contact details on English page link.

One of the largest and most reputable English schools in Taiwan. Founded in 1978, Gloria employs over 550 staff members across 18 branches throughout Taoyuan City. They have a great English language site which gives plenty of information for prospective teachers who can apply for positions via the contact details there.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://en.glo.com.tw/index.html

An English academy for kids that is a well established organization with over 25 locations throughout Taiwan. They offer all the usual benefits for teachers. Unfortunately their website so you may have to apply for positions with them through a job site.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: http://www.neurolink-english.com

A smaller group of private English academies for young learners with 9 branches in Kaohsiung City and a couple in Shanghai. Their website does not appear to have an English version but for job enquiries you can contact them via the contact details on the website.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: http://www.geniusenglish.com.tw/


This is one of the largest private cram school brands in Taiwan. They are a big corporate that has expanded into other Asian countries. They have schools catering to all age groups with a variety of learning subjects and hire over 600 native English teachers across over 180 schools. You can apply online directly through their site.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: http://hesseducation.com/

This is a small chain of academies for young learners with around 8 locations in the Hsinchu County of Taiwan. They hire around 20 foreign English teachers across their schools.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: http://kangning.com.tw

KOJEN English Language Centers (formerly ELSI Taiwan) was a franchise school of English Language Services (ELS) for twenty years. KOJEN operates more than 35 centers in Taiwan's three largest cities - Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung, with schools for adults and children.



This is the official program for recruiting English teachers in to public schools across Taiwan. The website contains all the information about the application process and teaching in Taiwan. Teachers can apply by downloading the forms online.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://www.fettaiwan.com/

"My name is Alexa and I am a Canadian expat teaching English in Taiwan. Follow my adventures as I write about the new experiences, challenges and quirks I encounter while living abroad."

Andi is an American lady who currently lives in Nice, France but she spent a couple of years living and teaching English in Taiwan. You can read her honest opinions of her experiences on her blog.

On this site foreigners can find information about the tax laws and regulations.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://www.dot.gov.tw/en/

"The BLI’s primary mission is the handling of labor insurance services; it has also continually been commissioned other social security services. The scope of the BLI’s services has been expanded to include social insurance, labor protection, social welfare allowances and so on."

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://www.bli.gov.tw/en/

This sites has all the important information relating to employment laws including labor standards, insurance, welfare etc.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://english.mol.gov.tw/

"The Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA) serves one of the core functions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by providing passport services, visa services, document authentication and the coordination of emergency assistance to the ROC citizens abroad."

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://www.boca.gov.tw/mp-2.html

The official site for the Education Ministry with all the latest news, policies, laws and statistics.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://english.moe.gov.tw/mp-1.html

This site has all the information related to immigration. There is also an online application area.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://www.immigration.gov.tw/5475

"I am an Englishman living and teaching in Taipei, Taiwan. What struck me when I first arrived in Taipei, was the lack of English menus/speaking in restaurants or eateries.. Having since learnt Chinese, I created my website to encourage people to walk into restaurants with confidence of knowing what to eat."

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://eatingintaipei.com/

"Taipei Expat aims to showcase our city’s thriving food scene, rich culture, and endless opportunity for adventure to the English-speaking world."

Location: TaiwanWebsite: http://taipeiexpat.com/

" I have decided to put down a bit of what I learned (so far) through the years here in a concise, organized manner to address the most common questions, searches and concerns of Expats and Foreigners alike."

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://taiwanexpatguide.com/

"Taiwan Adventure Outings is a group dedicated to exploring Taiwan and participating in fun and exciting outdoor adventures combined with education and environmental awareness. This group is non exclusive, open to both local and foreign Taiwan residents."

"This is a FREE group to make friends, get advice and meet others for activities in Taipei. You are welcome to discuss Taipei related topics, group activity ideas and places to visit."

A small community group to help expats in Taiwan interested in finding non-teaching work and careers.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://www.facebook.com/AllHandsTaiwan/

"Learn about events, places to see and things to do in Taiwan. " This is an active group with daily posts about general life for expats in Taiwan from property renting and local event listings to restaurant recommendations.

Despite being old in style and interface, this forum still has many daily active users and posts. There are many different discussion forums for living in taiwan from politics to events. For information and discussions about teaching English check out the Work forum. Also the website is mobile friendly.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://tw.forumosa.com

A community for those interested in life in Taiwan. Not a lot of discussions about teaching in this group but more about general life in Taiwan - news, politics etc. For teaching related discussion try r/TEFL.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://www.reddit.com/r/taiwan/

There is little information about this agency online and their website does not go into much detail about their team or background. Nonetheless they appear to have a few teaching positions available.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: https://globalculturetaiwan.com

This is one of the other main agencies which have experience helping to place teachers with jobs in Taiwan. Again, using recruitment agencies is only really advised for first time teachers who want some guidance with teaching in Taiwan.

Location: TaiwanWebsite: http://www.teachtaiwan.com.tw/