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This is a relatively new site providing resources and teaching materials. "The ultimate goal of this website is to provide you with countless activities and teaching techniques". Most of the teaching materials like games, activities and worksheets require a small fee to download. However, there are some good free teaching tips and advice in the article section of the site.

The blog section of the Two Sigmas site has some useful resources and tips for English teachers. In particular, their articles about online teaching give some good insights and advice.

"Welcome, super teachers! Everyone is welcome! Experienced, newbies teachers. We are here to share our teaching tips, experiences, successful stories, struggles."

International TEFL Organization is mainly for TEFL Course, but also offers plenty of jobs on their job board.

"We assume that you are here to get help finding an ESL teaching job, either Online English teaching or Teach Abroad. This site is fantastic for that and more and also connect you as a teacher to the schools directly. "

"Let us help you connect to all the great English Teaching Jobs that fit your teaching preferences. Many openings in Online ESL teaching and Teach Abroad by our teaching partners"

"On the lookout for a remote teaching job? Our online teaching job board lets you quickly search for K12 online teaching jobs, online English teaching jobs, online elementary teaching jobs and adjunct online teaching jobs for certified teachers, ESL instructors and non-educators alike."

"The Corner is the hub of Cambly's English Tutor Community. Use this tutors-only space to share your Cambly experience, ask questions, give feedback, or just to say hi!"

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"Welcome! This group is for current Gogokid teachers AND for those thinking about going through the interview process to become a teacher."

"This is a group for anyone teaching through PalFish (including those not teaching the Official Kids Course) to be able to share tips, advice and support. "

"This is a group administrated and moderated by Whales English staffs and teacher. "

"The Q&A group is intended to be a safe space for teachers to voluntarily help applicants/new staffs and share information about their experiences with Magic Ears. "

"This is a group exclusively for verified Landi English teachers who have passed probation. "

"Official DaDa discussion group. Our goal is to build a happy and trusty environment for you to share ideas, teaching experiences, feedback, and valuable information that might help our DaDa teaching community."

"Welcome to Pili's Playhouse, an official ALO7-sponsored, private Facebook group for current ALO7 tutors and other ALO7 staff!"

" Teachers and tutors on italki come together to discuss and share ideas, problems, issues and general teaching topics. "

" Welcome to the VIPKid Community! This group is open to ALL current VIPKid Teachers. You must be officially hired by VIPKid to join." 

Official QKids Facebook community sharing fun stories with students and teaching tips.

Two Sigmas is a UK-based company that places teachers into online teaching positions with their "partnering schools" and so they act as a recruiting agency. They offer jobs with starting hourly wages of $16.

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By far the biggest e-learning platform in China. Over 140 million users are registered through Hujiang.

A big community on Facebook where you can ask, share and read anything related to teaching english online.

A general group for posting anything related to teaching online.

Qkids is one of the biggest online English education providers in China, with over 500 000 students enrolled. Pay for teachers is around $16-20.

A Facebook page run by a teacher who shares his experiences, tips and advice on how to  become successful at teaching english online.

s Subreddit is for jobs and anything related to online ESL teaching.

Live Lingua offers language study courses for students all over the world. Students can choose between a wide variety of languages including English. Pay for teachers is $20 per hour.

The biggest group on facebook for finding online teaching jobs.

Golden Voice English has grown to be a big competitor in the English teaching market in China, operating in over 27 provinces. Teacher hourly pay is around $20.

This recruiter has offline and online ESL job opportunities. Not all of their online positions are for China as they have some positions for teaching  students in the Middle East.

italki offers worldwide language services, and students can choose between several languages in which they would like to receive 1 on 1 classes. The teacher sets the pay and italki takes 15% commission.

The Online Teacher is a recruiter for online teaching positions. Their "aim is to place teachers with reputable and progressive schools, either physically or by teaching online. With offices in both the UK & China, we are ideally placed to provide you with ongoing support throughout your teaching career. We want to help you on your journey."

Although it does not focus solely on online teaching, fluentu has some interesting content on teaching english online.

Based in Japan, Skimatalk was founded as an online English teaching platform for all types of students around the world. Teachers can set their own hourly rate and teaching materials are provided.

English from A to Z offers English classes to students all around the world. Students can purchase a wide variatey of packages ranging from 1 on 1 classes to fully scheduled courses. Depending on the number of students in the class the teacher's hourly pay can range from $18-72.

This website and blog covers a variety of topics, however through their global travels they have gained valuable experiences related to teaching including teaching online, which they share through their various blog posts.

USTKID offers american style education to the Chinese market. They match teachers with chinese students and teach to a classroom through the internet, alongside a Chinese teacher who is phyically present in the classroom. Hourly pay for teachers is $20 - 33.

VIPKid is considered the largest online English teaching platform for Chinese children. They pride themselves on their fun and interactive content which makes learning fun and offer hourly wages of $14-22 with bonuses and other perks available to teachers too.

SayABC is another popular online platform for Chinese students aged 5-12 to learn English. Teachers can earn up to $19 .

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USKID is backed by Baidu, the Chinese version of Google, hence it has quite a strong reputation. Teachers teach a 1 on 1 class with students from China and receive hourly pay of $16 - 28.

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Based in the UK, Tutor Supply offers tutoring services in all fields of academia. Students of all levels, all the way to college can request tutoring, and will be matched with an experienced tutor with expertise in the specific subject. Pay for teachers is $20 - 32 per hour.

Alo7 mixes elements from North American, European and Chinese educational systems to provide an online teaching service for children in China. Hourly pay for teachers is around $15-22.

ESL Authority has a whole section dedicated to teaching english online, and it is a great source of information and job postings for anyone wanting to teach english online.

This blog focuses on helping other aspiring english teachers to get started and be successful in teaching online. Some of the content is a paid service however.

With over 10,000 registered teachers, 51talk is one of the biggest providers of English education in China. 51Talk is the 1 on 1 part of the business, and the group class section is called HAWO. Teacher's hourly pay is around $18.

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DaDa is another one of the giants of the online English teaching industry in China. They pay their teachers up to $25 per hour.

Boxfish is one of the biggest English teaching companies in China, with over 12 million registered users. Their hourly pay for teachers ranges from $10 - 25.

This China-based company is like a lot of the other online platforms and provides the necessary teaching materials for teachers and pay ranges between $14-20.