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This is a site designed for non-teaching jobs for software developers in Japan. It is a new site and so they are adding more features and jobs continuously.

This is a relatively new company that has grown over the last few years and currently has over 8 schools across Tokyo. They pride themselves on their progressive approach to hiring teachers from all backgrounds and regions including non-native English speaking countries. They are always looking for enthusiastic teachers, and offer a variety of positions on a monthly basis. Teachers can apply online via their website.

As the name suggests this site will be a best friend and resource for foreigners in Tokyo and Japan. They have a great section about teaching jobs in Japan which explains in detail the different stages of the job search process from application stage to the pre and post interview stage. They also have other articles covering different aspects of life such as learning Japanese and setting up a bank account.

"Tofugu started out as a college course project in 2008. It was rooted as a Japanese language blog for English speakers. Over the years Tofugu began to find its niche and evolved into a full-time business in which we design Japanese language learning tools to tackle specific areas where people have difficulty."

Location: JapanWebsite: https://www.tofugu.com/

"My name is Chris Broad and in August 2012 I moved to Japan on the Jet Programme to become a teacher. Japan is an incredible place and I make YouTube videos in the hope that I can encourage more people to come here and see and experience it for themselves."

Location: JapanWebsite: http://www.abroadinjapan.com/

"I’m a US National Board Certified teacher, writer, editor, mother, wife, burner of food, caterpillar killer, modern sci-fi watcher, & budding gardener."

Location: JapanWebsite: https://melibelleintokyo.com

This site acts as a central directory with links to all the other government sites.

Location: JapanWebsite: https://www.e-gov.go.jp/en/

This site outlines the Japan pension scheme and can be used to find out the latest information and policies.

"This is an open group for expats with individual profiles (no business pages) living in Nagoya to ask and answer questions related to day-to-day living."

A relatively new platform that supports foreigners who are living in Japan and are looking for jobs. Through their“Q&A” and “Job Search” services you can get information about job opportunities in Japan.

The official tourist site for Tokyo with guides on attractions and sites to visit.

Location: JapanWebsite: https://www.gotokyo.org/en/

"On the website, you can check the availability of highway bus seats, reserve your seat, and purchase it online with a credit card. "

Find and book everything you need for your travels and journeys in Japan from hotels to car rentals on this website created by one of Japan's largest corporates.

Location: JapanWebsite: https://travel.rakuten.com/

"Find famous sightseeing destinations in major cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, to little known spots around the country, to information on regional delicacies, comfortable accommodations to suit every budget, and even articles on where you can find the best souvenirs to remember your trip by."

Location: JapanWebsite: https://matcha-jp.com/en/

This is the official website for Japan Tourism. The site contains a list of guides and destination information for all over Japan.

Location: JapanWebsite: https://www.japan.travel/en/

This website has been in online since 2006 and its goal is to deliver comprehensive, up-to-date information on traveling in Japan, first-hand from Japan.

Location: JapanWebsite: https://www.japan-guide.com/

Japanese version of Amazon

Location: JapanWebsite: https://www.rakuten.co.jp/

"Japan Travel by NAVITIME will help you travel around like a local! App includes following features -Explore (Travel guides/articles), Route Search, Map / Offline Spot Search and Planning."

"Yomiwa is a modern offline Japanese dictionary, including numerous features to help you read and learn Japanese."

"With more than 61,000 taxis covering all 47 prefectures (*1) of Japan, JapanTaxi is the ultimate taxi app you ever need in Japan! Tap to call a taxi, make a reservation or find your fare instantly."

"NHK WORLD TV is the English-language international broadcasting service of NHK, Japan's only public broadcaster"

"The standard application of providing the Earthquake Early Warning. Providing the Earthquake Early Warning by a push notification. When an earthquake occurs, we provide a sense of security."

Japan Transit Planner is a multilingual version of the navigation application "Norikae Annai", the most downloaded in Japan. It will show you the route or how to transfer by railways or airplanes in Japan.

"The JLSC was established as the central organization to provide legal assistance to citizens, based on the goal to "realize a society where legal information and services are accessible anywhere in the country". The JLSC constitutes one of the three pillars of Japan's "judicial reform"."

"ELTBOOKS.com is Japan's specialist ELT (English Language Teaching) book service for English teachers, schools and colleges. We provide a flat discount of 20% off all books from all Western publishers who sell and keep stock of their books in Japan."

This site has a comprehensive list of the International schools in an around Tokyo. These schools are reviewed and verified.



This company has been around for a while and hires ESL teachers for Japanese kindergartens, but there are potential positions teaching older students. There doesn't appear to be an online application process so contact directly for current positions.

Location: JapanWebsite: http://www.e-jacpa.com

Part of a large group of companies from NetLearning, the largest IT educator in Japan. They offer face-to-face, flipped, blended, and online training solutions, as well as ideation and experiential learning programs. There is no application online so contact directly or via a job site.

One of Japan's top schools for standardized testing prep and academic tutoring. They pride themselves on having dedicated teachers from top global universities. You can apply to be a tutor there via their website.

Location: JapanWebsite: https://www.tokyoacademics.com/


This is a chain of childrens English conversation schools and pre-schools with around 50 locations across Japan. There is no English website so need to contact directly to apply or via a jobsite.

Location: JapanWebsite: https://www.seiha.com

This is a chain of international style schools and kindergartens for young learners with over 20 centers across Japan.

Location: JapanWebsite: https://www.kinderkids.com/

This is a newer chain of English learning centers (founded 2014) for adult learners offering 3 month intensive courses. They currently have 3 centers in Tokyo. Teachers should apply through a job site.

Location: JapanWebsite: https://spartan-english.jp/


A large English conversation educator for children in Japan that has been providing teaching opportunites for over 4o years across 85 branch schools throughout Japan. Teachers can apply online through their website.

An overseas franchised brand of learning centers for young children. The brand has been operational since 2006 in Japan and currently has three centers.

Location: JapanWebsite: https://www.gymboglobal.jp/en/

This is one of the largest English education corporates in Japan operating big franchise school brands across Japan - Kids Duo, Kids Duo International and WinBe. Teachers can apply to work at their schools online through their site.



This chain of private schools is also owned by Yakuri Switch and so the application process is the same and most likely a teacher that applies via the corporate company may be able to choose between the two schools.

Location: JapanWebsite: http://www.winbe.jp/english/

One of the big private school chains for young kids across Japan. It is owned by the large education corporate Yakuri Switch Group so teachers can apply via either of the sites.

Location: JapanWebsite: http://www.kidsduo.com/english/

With over 30 years experience this company specialised in placing teachers in ALT positions across the country but they also operate a few of their own private schools. Their website contains the usual information and teachers can apply online there.

Location: JapanWebsite: https://www.joytalk.biz/hiring/

This company specialises in providing teachers for corporate and business clients but they also source teachers for other job types. Their website has some further info and they recommend teachers phone specific regional branches for job enquiries which means they are looking for in-country teachers.

Location: JapanWebsite: https://www.otc-otc.co.jp/registration/


This is another large chain of English conversation schools operating across Japan. It should be noted that brand is part of the global Shane School franchise however it is not operated by the mother company. Recruitment can still be done through the Shane Global page though.

Location: JapanWebsite: http://shaneschools.com/en/


One of the smaller private English conversation chains, MIL has 6 schools located the northern area of Chiba, about halfway between Narita and Tokyo. The classes are mainly for young kids but also there are some adult classes. To apply contact the school directly via their website.

Location: JapanWebsite: https://www.miljapan.com/

Owned and operated by iTTTi Japan Co. Ltd., Peppy Kids Club is a network of children’s English language classrooms situated all across Japan from Hokkaido to Kagoshima. With over 400 foreign staff working at this company there are positions available all year round. Apply via iTTTi site.

One of the largest global English education companies for adult learners. They hire teachers throughout there year and positions are advertised on their site. Apply direct through their website.

Location: JapanWebsite: http://teach.berlitz.co.jp/


A nationwide group of over 300 English conversation centers for adult learners offering courses for tests such as TOEIC, TOEFL and for specific purposes, such as business or travel. Their website provides detailed information about the work conditions and application process.

Location: JapanWebsite: http://nova-holdings.jp/teachinjapan/


This is a large nationwide consulting style company that deals with corporate clients and provides English teachers and translator/interpreters. To be a teacher here you must be experienced and qualified. They don't hire all year round so contact them directly for positions.



This is a large corporate that has a long history in English education in particular in creating teaching materials and resources. They also recruit English teachers for their clients who are corporates and businesses but also universities across Japan

Founded in 1985, Tokyo International School Group runs a number of schools and a range of educational programs across Japan. Their site directs recruitment to the Gaijin Pot site.

Location: JapanWebsite: http://www.tokyois-group.com/


This chain of English conversation teaching private schools in Japan is considered one of the historical "Big Four" eikaiwa schools. it has over 250 branches across Japan providing classes for both kids and adults. Teachers can apply for jobs via their global offices listed on their website.

Location: JapanWebsite: https://www.aeonet.com/


This is Japan's largest 1-1 adult English teaching brand with centers mainly spread across the three main cities Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. They hire all year round and you can apply online.

Location: JapanWebsite: https://www.gabateachinginjapan.com/