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"First and foremost, we're music fans.  Passionate ones at that.  Ticketflap was born out of the simple desire to create a common sense approach to ticketing which we felt has been sorely missing in Hong Kong."

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.ticketflap.com/

This app tells you what movies are showing, when, in which locations and how many seats are available, for cinemas all across HK. 

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://hkmovie6.com/

"The HKPNETs Forum is a registered association that aims to facilitate a friendly exchange of ideas, resources, frustrations, humour and advice between ”NET Scheme” Primary Native-speaking English Teachers (PNETs) and to represent the views and interests of PNETs in Hong Kong." 

Location: Hong KongWebsite: http://www.west-web.net/hkpnetsforum/

A blog by Charmaine who has experienced working and living abroad since 2012, and writes about her experiences as an English teacher in Hong Kong.

An interesting blog posting about detailing how it is possible to get a teaching job in HK without a university degree. Written in 2017.

"Hong Kong Expatriates is a group for expats in Hong Kong, S.A.R. We organize parties for expats (expatriates), all kinds of foreigners, local people and anyone who is interested in friendship in HK. Most of our events take place in Central or Tsim Sha Tsui."

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://nesta.hk/

This site can be used to get general health updates and information for Hong Kong.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.dh.gov.hk/eindex.html

Here you will find all the latest news, information and regulations about Labour and Employment in Hong Kong. Workers can file e-complaints here: :https://eform.one.gov.hk/form/ld0001/en/

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/

All the information you need to find out about ID cards, visas, getting married and more can be found here.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/

This is the official government site for paying online bills (tax, water bills, student loans etc)

This official site for the Government of Hong Kong is well designed with clear information and instructions for residents and non-residents. 

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.gov.hk/en/residents/

"Hong Kong Living produces some of Hong Kong’s favourite English language magazines and most trusted lifestyle guides, including Sai Kung Magazine, Expat Parent Magazine, Southside Magazine, Mid-Levels Magazine and the Schools Guide."

"Time Out brings you everything you need to know about what to do, where to eat and where to go in Hong Kong."

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://expatliving.hk/

"CFN is a community for casual football players. CFN organizes games and social gatherings in Hong Kong. Go to our website http://casualfootball.net/ and join us, we organize more than 7 games a week."

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.facebook.com/groups/180525053669/

"Hong Kong Expatriates is a group for expats in Hong Kong, S.A.R. We organize parties for expats (expatriates), all kinds of foreigners, local people and anyone who is interested in friendship in HK. Most of our events take place in Central or Tsim Sha Tsui."

"Hong Kong Expat services is a place for all people living in Hong Kong. Our vision is to help people find friends and exchange things. You can also sell things that you don't need and help other friends and people by giving them useful things that you do not need."

"Join to make friends and network! Post your upcoming events and make brand new connections that will change your life! Meet up with friends for Happy Hour or enjoy dinner with great company."

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HKExpats/

TurboJet is the ferry service from HK to Macau. Book your tickets online here.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.turbojet.com.hk/en/

Find out all the train information for the MTR. App is also available.

"Looking for Hong Kong things to do during weekends? Having Hong Kong holiday? Staying here to study and/or work? Want to understand more about Hong Kong tourist attractions, food, culture and events? This blog is dedicated to providing you with insiders’ guide and useful travel information!"

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://hong-kong-travelblog.com/

This is the official tourism site for Hong Kong with information about the latest events, guides to tourist attractions and restaurants, and general travel advice. 

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.discoverhongkong.com/us/index.jsp

Popular food delivery service

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://deliveroo.hk/en/

"OpenRice, the most popular dining guide in Hong Kong which has expanded to various Asian regions, provides you with comprehensive dining information, restaurant reviews and ratings."

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.openrice.com/en/hongkong

This site has a comprehensive list of the International schools in and around Hong Kong. These schools are reviewed and verified.

With 6 centers in Hong Kong this large global chain of English learning schools, provides a variety of courses for teen and adult learners. Teachers can get more info about jobs in their Career section.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.wallstreet.edu.hk/web/

This academy deals with private tuition, test prep and school admissions consulting. They have 2 centers in Hong Kong but also have operations in China and Singapore. Check out their website for current job openings.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://theedge.com.hk/

This language center offers classes for a variety of languages including English to mainly corporate and business clients. Teachers interested in working for them can contact them directly for job enquiries.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: http://preslanguage.com/

This academy offers courses in English, Math and Science for primary and secondary school kids. They have 4 centers in Hong Kong.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.meeducationhk.com

This is a small learning center for kids that has a few branches in Hong Kong and one in Shanghai. They do not hire lots of native English teachers so teachers should contact directly to check for positions.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: http://www.jacknjill.com.hk/

Offering private tutoring, test prep and international school admissions consulting, this well-established business is looking for teachers all year round. Check out their Careers page for current job opportunities.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.itseducation.asia

Founded in 2006, this small Hong Kong-based language school has over 10 years teaching experience, offering full range of language learning programs for all people and all ages.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.international-lan.com/en/home/

This small but experienced language school has 2 branches and has been offering language courses for kids and adults since 1985. Check out the "Become a Teacher" section on their site for job opportunities.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: http://www.hklanguages.com/

"A non-profit, lead international school with a personal, individualised approach to education and an engaged, close-knit community. With well over 600 students, HKA offers the International Baccalaureate for students from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade."

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://hkacademy.edu.hk/

This company provides "bespoke English curriculum development, in-class and after-school English programmes, UK study tours, teacher training and native-speaking English teacher (NET) recruitment services" and have a network of over 270 schools and universities.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: http://hkmacau.headstartgroup.co/

Since 2001, this company has been deploying Native English-speaking Teachers to schools in Hong Kong. It has served over 400 schools and organisations, and currently has 200 teaching professionals deployed.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: http://www.eurekahk.net/

A large group of language and sports learning schools for young kids, this well-established company has many positions for teachers in schools across Hong Kong.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: http://www.esf.org.hk/

With 12 locations throughout Hong Kong, this well-established company emphasises the use of small class sizes (2-4 students) for their young learners of English. Teachers can apply for jobs via the Careers section of their site.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: http://english-excel.com

This global chain provides highly qualified instructors for all levels and age ranges learning English. Hiring occurs all year round so check their Careers section for jobs.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.britishcouncil.hk/en

Large global language learning company with centers all across the globe. HK centers offer English learning for kids and adults. Check the website for job openings.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: http://www.berlitz.com.hk/

A small private academy that has been providing English language tuition for businesses, adults and secondary school students in Hong Kong since 2000.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: http://www.ant.edu.hk

A professional English language school established in 2002 which promotes the blending of “happiness”, “schoolwork” and “parental bonding”. They have 6 centers employing over 100 English teachers in HK.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.abcpathways.com/en

This education organisation has 2 kindergartens and 2 affiliated learning centres (m.i.l.k.) in Hong Kong. They have been in operation for over 50 years. They do not hire lots of native English teachers though.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: http://www.mansangkg.edu.hk/

Established in 2009, this chain of over 60 private academies for young learners focuses on providing a "westernized" environment for kids to become native English speakers. Visit their website for more info about careers.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.monkeytree.com.hk/en-us

This is another relatively large chain of English language private schools for young learners across Hong Kong. Their website shows that they are expanding during this year and will have well over 20 branches so there should be plenty of job opportunities.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: http://cherry-tree.com.hk/en

This large franchise group of kindergartens and pre-schools has branches all over Hong Kong and China. With over 50 branches they are constantly looking for new foreign English teachers. Visit the Careers section of their site for job enquiries.

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.jollykingdom.com/en/index.php

A Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) Scheme has been implemented in public-sector schools and the recruitment of teachers is conducted annually by the Education Bureau conducts NET. Visit the website for detailed information about the application process.

"Our mission at NavigateHK is to be the best resource for learning about teaching and living in Hong Kong."

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.navigatehk.com/