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This is the personal site for James Rice, an English teacher with over 25 years experience and the series creator of the Study It ESL textbooks - winner of the Best Digital Textbook in the world. His site contains many useful resources and helpful advice for teaching English, most notably you can listen to his podcast series in which he guides English as a Second Language teachers and students through his experiences of teaching both abroad and in North America.

Location: InternationalWebsite: https://www.thejamesriceshow.com

This site and community was setup with one core belief, "that all English teachers should be treated equally based on their qualifications, experience and skills." The purpose of the site is to raise awareness of "native speakerism among ELT professionals and the general public" and also provide tools, courses and resources to help teachers from all backgrounds on their teaching journey.

Location: InternationalWebsite: https://teflequityadvocates.com/

"We’ve been talking ESL since 2014 and our goal is to bring you the best, unbiased recommendations." This is a blog style site providing resources such as activities and lessons plans for adult & young learners.

This is a great site for teachers who want to discover  interesting discussions, articles and news stories from the teaching industry. The site has a blog format and recently there have been a series of podcasts. The content is diverse ranging from teaching tips and techniques to interviews with educators from all over the globe.

Location: InternationalWebsite: https://makingbetterteachers.com/

This is a relatively new site providing resources and teaching materials. "The ultimate goal of this website is to provide you with countless activities and teaching techniques". Most of the teaching materials like games, activities and worksheets require a small fee to download. However, there are some good free teaching tips and advice in the article section of the site.

The blog section of the Two Sigmas site has some useful resources and tips for English teachers. In particular, their articles about online teaching give some good insights and advice.

As the name suggests this site will be a best friend and resource for foreigners in Tokyo and Japan. They have a great section about teaching jobs in Japan which explains in detail the different stages of the job search process from application stage to the pre and post interview stage. They also have other articles covering different aspects of life such as learning Japanese and setting up a bank account.

This is a site run by an experienced and qualified Maths & Science teacher, Richard Rogers, who has taught in schools in the UK and across Asia. The site has lots of great articles and blog content with tips and techniques on how to improve your teaching. It is clear that Richard has put a lot of time and effort into sharing his knowledge and providing useful resources for teachers.

Location: InternationalWebsite: https://richardjamesrogers.com

Although it does not focus solely on online teaching, fluentu has some interesting content on teaching english online.

This website and blog covers a variety of topics, however through their global travels they have gained valuable experiences related to teaching including teaching online, which they share through their various blog posts.

USTKID offers american style education to the Chinese market. They match teachers with chinese students and teach to a classroom through the internet, alongside a Chinese teacher who is phyically present in the classroom. Hourly pay for teachers is $20 - 33.

ESL Authority has a whole section dedicated to teaching english online, and it is a great source of information and job postings for anyone wanting to teach english online.

This blog focuses on helping other aspiring english teachers to get started and be successful in teaching online. Some of the content is a paid service however.

"After graduation, Kristen Vandervoort, moved to Santiago, Chile, and enrolled in a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification course. Two years later, Kristen had taught at a language institute, freelanced around the city, and checked many things off of her bucket list!" Read about her experience in this blog article.

"English teacher and Canadian expatriate Kristi Fuoco leads you through five steps to find a job as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher in Germany."

"My mission is to decode Italian culture for the English-speaking world. Italy is such a wonderful destination, but there is always more than initially meets the eye. A deeper knowledge of the people and the culture translates to a richer travel experience."

"Chris Westergaard's Prague and teaching blog. Everything related to TEFL in Prague, teaching abroad, TEFL courses, teaching methodology, and overall how to be as successful as possible in a new career, new country and new life."

Location: EuropeWebsite: http://teflpragueandabroad.blogspot.com/

"I'm Josh, but you can call me ‘Hos’ or ‘George’, since that is how my name is usually pronounced here in Spain. This blog is all about travel, culture and living in Spain, with an emphasis on the beautiful city of Granada, where I am based. I’m an English teacher turned full-time blogger/digital nomad who left the UK in search of a simpler and sunnier lifestyle."

Location: EuropeWebsite: https://www.spainforpleasure.com/

The author of this blog, Catherine, taught in Paris and Lyon for around 4 years. She is now in California but still updates her blog on life as a teacher in France.

Location: EuropeWebsite: https://lavieencrose.com/

In this article the anonymous author from South Africa writes about their negative experience of teaching in an International school in Dubai.

This blog article details the experiences of two teachers working in UAE from 2014-2016. 

Location: Middle East & AfricaWebsite: https://slightnorth.com/how-to-teach-abu-dhabi-dubai/

This is blog article is written by a Jamaican lady, Ceil, who is an experienced English teacher that taught English in a university Saudi Arabia. The article covers the process of getting a job, the teaching itself, and adapting to life in the Middle East.

This blog about teaching in Vietnam was written at the end of 2018 and offers a overall view of the market and answers the usual question of how to get a job. 

Carly is a 24-year-old English teacher in Saigon, Vietnam. She also teaches English to Chinese students online at VIPKid. For her "teaching is fascinating and different every day. I hope to use Vietnam as a home base for exploring the rest of Southeast Asia."

This blog post about Teaching in Vietnam is a great resource for finding out the whole process of getting a job, moving to Vietnam and then starting work as a teacher. And it has been updated recently. 

"Indonesia Travel Guide brings you unbiased and independent travel information on travel guides, itinerary, must visit places, things to do, tourist attractions, blog and travel advices. We hope this site would be everything you ever need for your visit in this wonderful country."

Location: IndonesiaWebsite: https://allindonesiatravel.com/

This is another sponsored blog post written by a British lady who taught in Indonesia back in 2017. There is more about the country and culture than the teaching and work life. However, still a useful read to get a perspective of a foreigner.

In this blog, Stephen & Jess; an Australian couple with a passion for travel & adventure, share their experience of volunteer teaching in Bali. 

Although this is a sponsored blog posting for a TEFL company, it still provides some good information about living and teaching in Jakarta.

A blog by Charmaine who has experienced working and living abroad since 2012, and writes about her experiences as an English teacher in Hong Kong.

An interesting blog posting about detailing how it is possible to get a teaching job in HK without a university degree. Written in 2017.

Although this is a commercial enterprise this blog post gives good detailed information about getting started in Thailand and all the whole process of finding a teaching job. Written by someone who has lots of experience living and working in Thailand.

"My name is Richard Barrow (ริชาร์ด แบร์โรว์) and I am a British expat living here in Thailand for twenty-five years. I have been blogging about life and travel in Thailand since 1998. I also post daily on social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I do all of this for fun. None of my websites have any advertising or sponsorship. My day job is teaching. I have been a teacher in Thailand since 1994. In fact, I have been teaching at the same Thai school since the first day I arrived in Thailand."

Location: ThailandWebsite: http://www.richardbarrow.com/

This British couple have many useful guides about Teaching Abroad destinations around the world. There blog posting on Thailand gets across the basics about job search, visas etc.

Christine is an American writer and editor who taught English and travelled in Thailand in 2016. In her blog she has a section which documents her experiences during her time in Thailand. 

Brooke lived and taught in Taiwan for 1 year through the Fullbright program and you can read about her experiences in her personal blog.

"I’m an early 40’s guy who’s an investor, has some entrepreneurial experience, real estate investment experience, loves world travel, food, and computers. After finishing up at my latest contract office job, I moved to Taiwan to pursue a life with more freedom."

"My name is Chris Broad and in August 2012 I moved to Japan on the Jet Programme to become a teacher. Japan is an incredible place and I make YouTube videos in the hope that I can encourage more people to come here and see and experience it for themselves."

Location: JapanWebsite: http://www.abroadinjapan.com/

"I’m a US National Board Certified teacher, writer, editor, mother, wife, burner of food, caterpillar killer, modern sci-fi watcher, & budding gardener."

Location: JapanWebsite: https://melibelleintokyo.com

Josh has been in Xinjiang, China, since 2006 " as a teacher, a student, a traveler and a businessman." He has written one of the "only comprehensive travel guides to the Xinjiang region and written for major travel publications such as Lonely Planet, DK, and others."

Location: ChinaWebsite: https://www.farwestchina.com/blog/

Don from Los Angeles has been teaching English in Shanghai, China since 2012. Here he shares his experiences and knowledge of the China ESL market in a well presented and organized blog.

The Blog section of this recruitment agency has many interesting posts about living and teaching in China written by a number of teachers.

Location: ChinaWebsite: https://rachelmeetschina.com/

The Blog section of this recruitment agency has many interesting posts about living and teaching in China written by a number of teachers.

Location: ChinaWebsite: https://www.helloteacher.asia/blog

This article is written by Caio Albernaz who is a "foreign languages teacher and translator. He has taught in Brazil, Uruguay, and Colombia. He has a degree in Linguistics & Literature and holds a TESOL diploma from TESL-Canada."

This blog has articles about living in Panama with a focus more on lifestyle and things to do outside of work (travel, dining, activities etc).

"I, Andrew Macia, started the Medellin Buzz blog a few years ago as a way for my advanced level English students to practice reading at home. I wanted them to have something to read that wasn’t boring and that was about their own city. I love to write and I have a pretty active life, therefore, it was the perfect marriage. Today, I no longer teach English because my digital marketing agency takes up most of my time. But I still like to discover Medellin and write about it."

"Brazilian Gringo helps non-Brazilians adapt to life in Brazil more successfully by improving their Brazilian Portuguese learning skills and knowledge of Brazilian culture. Other topics that are frequently touched on are how to make money in Brazil, how to teach English in Brazil, how to overcome Brazil’s bureaucracy and Brazilian music."

Location: Latin AmericaWebsite: http://braziliangringo.com/teach-english-brazil/

This site is operated as a teacher consulting/placement program but there are some interesting articles about teaching in Vietnam in the blog section.

Location: VietnamWebsite: https://teach-vietnam.com/articles/

In this blog, Ross the author answers all the usual questions that should be asked when considering whether to teach in Vietnam.

"Our mission at NavigateHK is to be the best resource for learning about teaching and living in Hong Kong."

Location: Hong KongWebsite: https://www.navigatehk.com/