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Another smaller group used simply for posting jobs. Most likely will find same jobs posted in the other FB groups.

International TEFL Organization is mainly for TEFL Course, but also offers plenty of jobs on their job board.

"We assume that you are here to get help finding an ESL teaching job, either Online English teaching or Teach Abroad. This site is fantastic for that and more and also connect you as a teacher to the schools directly. "

The biggest group on facebook for finding online teaching jobs.

"To Recruiters, please post a DETAILED job offer, including Job title, Salary, Starting day, Deadline to apply, Contact information, Workplace and City name and more! Please limit your advertisements to no more than once per week. To Job Seekers, please Do Not reply to job ads more than 01 month old unless they are still available. And please directly contact the schools/ companies which are recruiting in the group instead of making new posts about yourselves (recommended)."

"Expat Jobs Taiwanted is the go-to group for foreign professionals in Taiwan seeking opportunities, and for employers seeking foreign talent. " The usual daily posts for teaching jobs with little user interaction in this group.

A relatively new platform that supports foreigners who are living in Japan and are looking for jobs. Through their“Q&A” and “Job Search” services you can get information about job opportunities in Japan.

A group for publishing English teaching jobs in Uruguay

The idea of this group is "to publish job offers or any other kind of relevant information in relation to our occupation."

A useful group for foreigners looking for work in Peru with some teaching positions posted quite often.

"The aim The aim of this page is to centralise listings for English Teaching jobs in Mexico. The group aims to connect recruiters and students with great teachers."

This is a new job listings site, just launched in April 2019, that mainly has teaching jobs for Mexico region for now but they aim to have more across Latin America in the future.

Location: Latin AmericaWebsite:

The jobs section of the Craigslist regional page for Costa Rica has some weekly teaching positions advertised.

A Facebook page operated by which has guides and info on teaching in Costa Rica as well as job postings.

This has some real job postings for English teaching positions in Colombia but not many and also there are quite spam posts for jobs in China.

"The aim of this group is help those living in or moving to Santiago, Chile to find jobs through mutual networking. It can very hard to find a job without knowing where to look or someone out there to help you or guide you. "

This has some real job postings for English teaching positions on a daily basis for the Santiago region. However expect some of the usual spam posts and jobs for regions outside Chile.

This has some real job postings for English teaching positions on a daily basis for the Buenos Aires region. However there are the usual spam posts and jobs for regions outside Argentina

"This group is for people who want to find a job in Kraków or who want to share an information about roles and positions available"

This UK based website has lots of information about teaching jobs in Turkey and there is a jobs board section of the site with lots of job positions.

Location: EuropeWebsite:

This job listings site for the Czech Republic is not in English but if you turn on Google translate you can navigate, find information and apply for positions.

A simple website with information and job adverts for teachers mainly for the Madrid region but also for other areas in Spain.

Location: EuropeWebsite:

"Lingobongo is a notice-board where expats can meet the local community, where language teachers can find jobs and classes, where language schools can find teachers and where local language learners can find teachers and international friends." Currently in Madrid, Barcelona and Berlin.

Location: EuropeWebsite:

This website provides Information on teaching English and life in Spain + Spain's Annual TEFL Jobs Fair. Their is a jobs section with the latest teaching positions available.

Location: EuropeWebsite:

The Europe section of this job site has the most amount of listings compared to other regions. Teachers can search and apply using the site.

Location: EuropeWebsite:

A community page for teachers that is mainly used to post job positions. Should be noted that this group is managed by Edarabia so there maybe some crossover with jobs on their homepage.

Another group that was only recently created in May 2019. There are some job postings on a weekly basis and also teachers looking for jobs post introductions.

Location: Middle East & AfricaWebsite:

This group appears to be run by an individual recruiter who posts jobs for the region when they come up. The group was recently launched in March 2019.

Location: Middle East & AfricaWebsite:

Like the other job sites for this specific region this job listings site allows jobseekers to filter their search for English teaching positions, and there are plenty of positions for the popular countries UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait etc.

Location: Middle East & AfricaWebsite:

This job site covers a variety of industries across the Middle East and you can search using the filters for English Teaching jobs. This brings up over 100 jobs in the region. There are some positions for less experienced and qualified teachers too.

Location: Middle East & AfricaWebsite:

The jobs section of the UK-based Guardian newspaper has a lot of listings for teaching jobs abroad. In particular you can search for Middle East region and find many positions but they are for a variety of subjects not just English. Like other job sites most of these positions will be for experienced and well qualified teachers.

Location: Middle East & AfricaWebsite:

The jobs section of the TESOL International Association website does not have lots of listings but there will be a few jobs for the Middle East region like in Saudi Arabia. Again these positions will most likely require specific qualifications.

Location: Middle East & AfricaWebsite:

Job listings and search site for Egypt. Searching "teaching" jobs will usually bring up some English teaching jobs.

Location: Middle East & AfricaWebsite:

This site has lots of teaching jobs for the Middle East and North African regions. Most of the positions are in International style schools, with some public school positions too but mostly require a high level of teaching qualifications.

Location: Middle East & AfricaWebsite:

"This is a forum to share job opportunities around the city, and now it has expanded to the rest of the country. We all hear of gigs that we can't commit to, so here is a space to let others know what jobs are going."

This is a general group for posting jobs in Bali. There are a mixture of jobs posted with some being English teaching positions.

This is a site for classifieds and ads. In their job section the user interface is quite good and allows you to narrow down the search results for teaching jobs with English in the title.

Location: IndonesiaWebsite:

This is one of the largest global jobsites in the world and their Indonesian portal is able to provide quite a few job listings for English Teaching. Note that this site lists jobs from other jobsites too.

Location: IndonesiaWebsite:

This smaller localised jobsite has similar functionality to other sites and is simple to use. A search for "English teacher" returns a handful of positions.

Location: IndonesiaWebsite:

This is one of the top job sites used in Indonesia. Searching for teaching jobs here brings up quite a few results with job positions from a variety schools including the big name franchises.

Location: IndonesiaWebsite:

A public group for posting job opportunities in Ho Chi Minh. Jobs are posted daily, most are English teaching positions.

"We try to create a space for English teachers, English centers SAIGON/HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam to share their English teaching information, job opportunities..., in and around SAIGON/ HO CHI MINH CITY."

"This is a group for teachers and recruiters, run and moderated by teachers. We aim to connect qualified teachers with employers and schools based in and around Hanoi"

A group with the usual mixture of daily job postings and teachers posting personal introductions looking for work.

Another standard group for posting teaching positions in Vietnam. Not so much interaction with users in this group and some not teaching related posts slip through now and again.

Similar to the other Facebook groups with daily job postings from teachers, schools, and recruiters.

This group is mainly used for posts related to teaching jobs with some posts advertising jobs and some member posting introductions looking for jobs.

Similar to all other Craigslists across Asia, lots of job postings added daily but be aware of reposting and repetition.

This is a regional site for Hanoi and so the jobs section of the site contains jobs mainly for Hanoi area. Quite a few jobs are posted on a weekly basis.

Part of the global job site brand this site aggregates jobs from other sites such as TotalESL and directs you to the other site to apply. Can be useful if you don't want to miss any potential job opportunities.

Location: VietnamWebsite: