Problems with ESL/EFL Search

Every English teacher who has worked and lived abroad at some point has had to search online for information related to teaching – jobs, schools, labor laws etc. If they don’t know where to look, they will often turn to Google to find the relevant sites and portals.  

Google is a great search tool but when you are living in a foreign country where English websites are not always available or searchable, and a lot of the local info is dispersed by foreigners within social media groups and online forums, it is not always effective. 

Searching ESL brings up popular sites but sometimes they are old and have not been updated in years

The problem is compounded even further for the ESL/EFL industry which sees information change on a regular basis with new laws, new schools, and new job sites and recruiters across multiple countries and quite often this information doesn’t get updated across the web.


Teach Today’s Solution

We have created a Listings Directory to provide teachers with a quick and easy way to find the information they need.  We have carefully sorted through and categorised close to 1,000 of the most popular websites and online portals for the main English teaching regions across the globe. The result is one of the largest and most up-to-date lists of ESL/EFL sites on the internet.

Now teachers can easily navigate and find the right websites and platforms for each ESL region

For now, each listing has a link to the corresponding site and a short description. However we may add more details in the future. Going forward we will constantly update the directory adding new listings and removing old and obsolete links.

Simply start by selecting your desired teaching region, for example South Korea, and then choose a category of site you are looking for from the list below.


Listing Categories

Job Boards – The most popular job listing sites which regularly have job postings.

Recruitment Agencies – Recruiters of all sizes (small, medium and large) who have real and legitimate businesses with an online presence.  

Communities – The most active and engaging online groups/communities of teachers and foreigners living in these teaching regions. 

Teacher Blogs – Interesting perspectives from teachers both new and experienced, and not sponsored by an agency where possible.

Lifestyle – Sites and groups with information about living in a new region, from nightlife and events, to shopping and apartment rentals.

Government – Government sites useful for foreigners living abroad dealing with issues related to tax, health insurance, immigration, pensions etc.  

Schools & Academies – The larger chains/franchises of schools in each country plus some smaller institutes which have more than one location.  

Local Services – Essential services that are commonly used in that specific region like apps for taxis and food delivery. 

Travel – Travel related sites to help newcomers explore the region.

Certificates & Training – Companies offering online and offline training courses like TEFL, TESOL and CELTA. (No region so find in International region)

Teaching Resources – Useful sites for teaching materials – lesson plans, worksheets, multimedia etc, some are free while some require a fee.(No region so find in International region)


Rate & Review

All ratings and reviews will be anonymous

We encourage users to rate sites and listings that they like, and leave a comment in the review section.

PLEASE NOTE : We are not an ESL review site and we will only accept positive comments and reviews. If you have had a bad experience with one of the services or companies listed on our site we suggest that you bring that up in an ESL forum or community site that is designed for feedback and reviews.

We fully support improvement of transparency and trust within the industry and we hope to address this in our future services but for now please refrain from negative comments in our Listings Directory. 


Adding & Removing Listings

Our list is not definitive and we know there are many more great and useful sites out there we can add. We will continue to update the listings ourselves but we would appreciate help from teachers and would love to hear your recommendations. Also, we will try to expand the regions and add more countries.

If you would like a specific site or group added to our directory please send us a private message via our social media channels or our Contact Us page. Similarly if you believe one of our listings to be a fraudulent business/service please inform us and we will look into it.




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