In this article we will navigate you through the minefield of job search options for teachers in Korea. For most teachers, coming from outside Korea you will be looking for a job online via job boards and recruitment agencies. Below, we recommend some of the best sites to use and provide some tips on how best to approach the whole process.

Job Boards 🔎🖥️

Any teacher looking for a job in Korea should expect to spend some time sifting through job boards on both dedicated job sites and Facebook. Unfortunately, as almost all the platforms offer quite outdated recruitment tools and limited search filtering for jobs, this can be a time consuming process. In most cases,  teachers will need to write a separate application/email with their resume and cover letter attached for each job position. So, if you are not being too picky about your job criteria be prepared to spend lots of time writing emails and filling in applications forms.


Search Tips
  1. Watch out for job post repetition across the sites so that you don’t waste your time applying for the same job. Sometimes recruiters don’t specify the school name and so it can be easy to apply for the same job across multiple sites.
  2. We suggest that teachers keep an organized document/spreadsheet of all the jobs that they apply for so it is easier to keep track of dates, recruiters and job details.
  3. Certain jobs can be time sensitive, and so applying early can make the difference, especially for the popular positions. Some job boards will have a notification or newsletter system but they are not normally specific to a type of job or region. Try to check on a daily basis for each of the major sites.


Recommended Job Boards:
  1. is one of the top sites in terms of user interface and search functionality. They categorize their jobs using all the important criteria such as pay, location, school type, visa etc. They don’t provide an online application process or tracking system though and so teachers must apply via email direct to the school or via the recruiter.
  2. Craigslist was not built for job search, especially not for the TEFL industry, however because it is free and allows a level of anonymity, pretty much all recruiters and schools use it.  Most of the jobs on here can be found on the free job posting groups on Facebook as well but there may be a few jobs that are unique to the site.
  3. Worknplay is a general information site for foreigners in Korea with a jobs section that has some jobs for English Teachers. It has a the usual search filtering and information for each job. There is an online application function but most jobs offer direct contact details.
  4. ESLJobMap takes a different approach in its user interface and presents jobs to teachers on a map of Korea so teachers can search for jobs based primarily based on location. They are a newer platform so don’t have as many jobs as the other sites yet.
  5. Dave’s ESL Cafe has been the go-to job board for Korea and other ESL jobs for the last few decades. It still pulls in the recruiters and schools due to its SEO power however with a lack of any sort of filtering system for the job posts besides key word search it can take time to search through all the postings.
  6. Facebook Groups have become more popular in recent years as a way for schools and recruiters to post jobs quickly and for free. The benefits for teachers are the mobile convenience factor and instant notifications. Just be careful of any fake posts or scams as sometimes these groups are open to anyone. Click on the the link below to view Facebook groups for with job listings.


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Recruiters 🔎👨‍💻👩‍💻

If you ask teachers in Korea about their experiences with recruiters you will often get a mixed response. Some teachers have great things to say about recruiters while others will warn you to stay away and try to apply direct to schools. At Teach Today, we believe that recruiters play an important role in the Korea ESL industry and so teachers should try to work with them. However, teachers need to be careful and understand how a recruiter is thinking. There are hundreds of recruiters ranging from big companies with teams of over 40 staff to smaller teams of 3-4 people. Some recruiters are even freelancers working on their own.


Tips for Dealing with Recruiters
  1. Always remember that recruiters are operating a business and they are being paid by their clients – the schools/academies looking for teachers. This means, they may not always have the teacher’s best interests at heart, but also they will be representing multiple schools so if they like you as a teacher they could be saving you for another better job. It is a balancing act for the recruiters and the best ones will know how to manage both the teacher and school to keep everyone happy.
  2. Watch out for recruiters who may post false jobs which look too good to be true or aren’t posted by anyone else. Sometimes these bait postings are used to get teachers to apply, and the recruiter will then say the position is filled and try to promote a different less attractive job.
  3. Work with as many recruiters as possible, and just try to be honest with them from the get-go about your job search expectations. Tell them where you are flexible – location, student type, work hours etc. It’s better to let them know from the beginning rather than waste their time or lead them on only to let them down in the latter stages of the recruitment process.


Recommended Recruiters:
  1. Korvia is one of the top recruitment agencies in Korea with many years experience and a good reputation among teachers. They have a modern approach to recruitment in terms of their website tools and their friendly staff. They hire for both the EPIK program and private academies.
  2. Korean Horizons is a popular choice for teachers as is evidenced by their industry Community Choice Award which they received in 2018 from GoOverseas. Their website is quite basic but the services they offer for teachers make up for it as they claim to have the highest success rate for EPIK applications in Korea.
  3. Appletree is an experienced agency with a variety of teaching positions across Korea. Their website offers the usual information and FAQs, and they have a live up-to-date job board with the latest positions.
  4. Gone2Korea are an agency that have been in the business for a while. Run by experienced foreign teachers, they provide a lot of helpful information on their homepage and have a variety of job positions all across Korea.
  5. Travel & Teach is another agency started by foreign teachers and run with a small team in both Seoul and North America. They also have an informative and modern homepage, and have been known to offer a friendly and supportive service for new teachers.


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