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Originally a magazine for the foreign community in Korea but now with more of a focus online. The website is a good resource for visitors travelling with city guides and event listings. Still popular with the expats.

Location: South KoreaWebsite:

With over 10,000 registered teachers, 51talk is one of the biggest providers of English education in China. 51Talk is the 1 on 1 part of the business, and the group class section is called HAWO. Teacher's hourly pay is around $18.

Location: Cannot determine address at this location.Website:

"We help people learn to have a 3 minute conversation in Korean in the first 90 days. From there we help people hit their Korean goals using 90 day goalposts."

Location: South KoreaWebsite:

"My name is Alexa and I am a Canadian expat teaching English in Taiwan. Follow my adventures as I write about the new experiences, challenges and quirks I encounter while living abroad."

A professional English language school established in 2002 which promotes the blending of “happiness”, “schoolwork” and “parental bonding”. They have 6 centers employing over 100 English teachers in HK.

Location: Hong KongWebsite:

This is another basic site offering an extensive list of teaching jobs in China. The site owner claims to not be an agent but offers some support in job search if needed. Teachers can search for jobs by province and apply online.

"My name is Chris Broad and in August 2012 I moved to Japan on the Jet Programme to become a teacher. Japan is an incredible place and I make YouTube videos in the hope that I can encourage more people to come here and see and experience it for themselves."

Location: JapanWebsite:

Old website with the usual info and online application process. Site has no live job info however their Facebook page is active with job listings. Recent teacher testimonials available.

Location: South KoreaWebsite:

Founded in 2002, ACET centers are in Hanoi and HCM offering a variety of English learning courses from general conversation to IELTS test preparation. They don't hire all year round so keep an eye out.

Location: VietnamWebsite:

Exclusively work with the franchise academy Chungdahm Institute across Korea. Also have job opportunities in China and Vietnam. Website is basic but contains the necessary info includng FAQs, country guides and document processes.

Location: South KoreaWebsite:

Another well made website with a modern design, informative content and easy-to-follow instructions. Again, the only feature missing is a job board with live information about current positions .

Location: South KoreaWebsite:

A blog written by Richelle who describes herself as a "serial expat". She spent over five years living in China. There is loads of information about teaching in China from the process of getting a job to tips about using technology in China.

This is another sponsored blog post written by a British lady who taught in Indonesia back in 2017. There is more about the country and culture than the teaching and work life. However, still a useful read to get a perspective of a foreigner.

This chain of English conversation teaching private schools in Japan is considered one of the historical "Big Four" eikaiwa schools. it has over 250 branches across Japan providing classes for both kids and adults. Teachers can apply for jobs via their global offices listed on their website.

Location: JapanWebsite:

A useful group for posting jobs and also getting guidelines and information about the After School programs in Korea. Group rules are administered.

Location: South KoreaWebsite:

This language center in Jakarta offers a variety of courses from private classes to test prep and business classes. Their website does not appear to work so well, but their some contact information to enquire about jobs.

Location: IndonesiaWebsite:

The air pollution in China is a big issue and staying informed about the daily air quality and conditions is important. There are plenty of apps which report the air quality but AirVisual is one of the top apps across the globe using the latest data and technology.

The most popular online jobsite for teachers looking for jobs in Thailand. It has all the usual features of a modern day job site with search filtering and online applications. All the major recruiters, schools and academies will use this site. There are some other useful sections to the site with plenty of information in their guides and articles.

Location: ThailandWebsite:

This is a large corporate that has a long history in English education in particular in creating teaching materials and resources. They also recruit English teachers for their clients who are corporates and businesses but also universities across Japan

This is a Beijing based Education service founded in 2007 with a mission to help Training Centers, Schools, Kindergarten and Private tutor to provide highly qualified, well experienced and well discipline teachers.

Location: ChinaWebsite:

"Alipay’s offerings span from allowing its users to make payments (send, receive, and spend money with ease), manage finances, choose a suitable insurance scheme, hail a cab or even order in from a favorite restaurant."

A small community group to help expats in Taiwan interested in finding non-teaching work and careers.

Location: TaiwanWebsite:

Another Taxi app being used in Thailand

Alo7 mixes elements from North American, European and Chinese educational systems to provide an online teaching service for children in China. Hourly pay for teachers is around $15-22.

Similar to other ALT program providers this company places English teachers into the public schools across Japan. The site has the necessary information but also recommends that you apply for the latest jobs through Gaijin Pot.

Location: JapanWebsite:

This is the official tourist site for Jakarta.

Location: IndonesiaWebsite:

The official tourism site for Thailand with information and travel guides for all the top destinations for tourists in Thailand.

Location: ThailandWebsite:

"Amazing Things in Vietnam is the premier expat and tourist group in Vietnam - connecting both foreigners and locals together with positive stories, photos and videos."

With nearly 300 centers in 100 cities across 27 provinces in China this is another large education corporate offering learning for young kids.

Location: ChinaWebsite:

Another large corporate education institute with partnerships with large English language education companies from the US. This education group has academies for kindergarten and elementary aged students across Taiwan. Apply via the contact details on English page link.

Brooke lived and taught in Taiwan for 1 year through the Fullbright program and you can read about her experiences in her personal blog.

"Founded in 1951, AMIDEAST is a leading American nonprofit organization engaged in international education, training, and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa."

Location: Middle East & AfricaWebsite:

A large English conversation educator for children in Japan that has been providing teaching opportunites for over 4o years across 85 branch schools throughout Japan. Teachers can apply online through their website.

This appears to be a one man operation. Website is old and has no information on jobs available. No online application available, must email form.

Location: South KoreaWebsite: