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At Teach Today we are tired of reading the same boring long articles online about applying for jobs and visa applications.
We want to inform and advise teachers about teaching abroad with more interesting, fun and insightful information.
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Getting a Driving License in Korea

Public transport in Korea is great, very efficient and cheap. However sometimes it can be useful to have a car for

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Guide to Job Boards and Recruiters in Korea

In this article we will navigate you through the minefield of job search options for teachers in Korea. For most

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Where to Find a Taste of Home in Korea

If you ask English teachers about Korean food almost everyone will say they love it. That being said, when you live

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The Korean F-2-7 Visa Points System

Teaching and living in Korea may have gone better for you than you originally thought and now you are seeking some

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A Quick Guide to Korea's E-2 Teaching Visa

So, you have decided that you want to teach in South Korea. Great! But before you get a job you need to have an

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Sports Communities for Expats in Korea

It is important to make new friends when you move abroad to teach. A great way to meet new people in Korea is

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5 Reasons Why English Teachers Love South Korea

So, you are thinking about teaching English abroad but you haven't picked a destination yet. Well, after reading

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Top Tips - Getting a Teaching Job in Korea

Every year thousands of foreigners move to South Korea to teach English. The process of finding a teaching job and

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Ten Big Changes for English Teachers in South Korea (2009-2019)

For our first insight into the Korean teaching market, we look at how the teaching industry and the country as a

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